Core Values


God, the basis of love, corporate culture is the god of the enterprise, the spiritual source of the struggle for employees. Pengsent adheres to the humanized values concept and instills a flourishing spirit for the enterprise. Brand management and cultural marketing have always been praised by customer. Pengsent has created a miracle in the GPS industry and even in the Chinese marketing industry. Industry veterans have given a high degree of evaluation. Pengsent is the first enterprise in the industry to regulate regional agency system. It is the first enterprise in the industry to incorporate the service image of unified advertising image into sales incentives. It is the first enterprise in the industry to set up user clubs, and it is the first in the industry. The stable development of traditional culture into the marketing enterprise is the first company to combine sales incentives with service and publicity, and is the first company to continuously make profits for dealers through promotion.
Pengsent constantly writes a new chapter in the industry. It integrates culture into marketing, communicates with users in a steady and pragmatic style, spreads green culture in a humanized way, and constantly creates classics in the GPS industry.
Vision: To be a great global tracking solution company
Mission: to achieve customers, happy employees, return to society
Core values: courtesy, integrity, professionalism, teamwork, customer achievement, excellence
Philosophy: Be good at improving, staying at innovation
Spirit: hard work, truth-seeking and pragmatic, dedicated dedication